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ARTAS Hair Transplant Robot

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Restore your hair volume with the advanced ARTAS robotic hair transplant procedure. This FDA and TGA approved hair restoration treatment minimises scarring and patient downtime in order to produce excellent results for each patient.

What is ARTAS?

The ARTAS Hair Transplant Robot is the latest in hair transplant technology. Using the FUE technique, the treatment extracts hair follicles one by one to be re-implanted. The robot’s advanced automation makes the process more comfortable, precise, and efficient than other FUE procedures, yielding high-quality hair grafts.

ARTAS uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and a robotic arm to ensure that hair grafts are taken carefully from the donor site. Follicles are selected one at a time and transferred to the balding site, resulting in strong hair grafts and natural-looking results. Therefore, by optimising the FUE process, both men and women can achieve fuller, healthier-looking hair.

Private Consultations

At Medici Capelli, we aim to provide personalised care and a welcoming atmosphere for our patients. Book a private consult to receive:

  • Advice based on your hair loss condition
  • Thorough explanation of the treatment process
  • Answers to your hair loss questions
  • A treatment plan based on your needs

What are the Benefits?

Hair loss is a common issue for men and women of all ages. Although it is often a concern for men over the age of 25, hair loss can affect many people of different ages. It can be impacted by age, genetics, health, and hair loss conditions like alopecia.

Whether you are concerned about balding at the top of the head, patchiness, or a receding hairline, the ARTAS Robot can treat varying degrees of hair loss. The treatment has several great benefits, offering advanced speed, precision, and ease. Whereas other FUE procedures require manual control, the ARTAS Robot speeds up the process and eliminates the risk of human error. Other benefits include:

  • High hair graft growth rate compared to other methods
  • Automation allows the hairs to be distributed evenly across the scalp
  • Comfortable treatment with quick recovery times
  • Natural appearance in both the donor area and recipient site
  • Lasting results, for improved confidence

Who is a Good Candidate?

Since patients may have different levels of hair loss, each treatment needs to be tailored to the patient. Generally, a good candidate for an ARTAS hair transplant procedure is someone who is seeking a minimally invasive procedure to treat hair loss. Since the treatment involves taking hair grafts from the back of the head, good candidates should also have an area of hair density to serve as the donor site.

If you are unsure whether you are a good candidate, speaking to one of our qualified clinicians will help clarify your hair treatment options.

What to Expect

The duration of the procedure can vary depending on how much hair you are having transplanted. ARTAS uses 3D technology to help plan your procedure and produce results that are best for you.

Your clinician will map out the donor sites and recipient areas. The robot then uses its robotic arm and advanced algorithms to identify the best grafts for harvesting, removing them through careful micro incisions. Automation makes this process more efficient. Once the ARTAS Robot has extracted enough hairs, the final stage involves implanting the grafts at a precise location and angle to achieve a natural look. The follicles will then live permanently in their new place on the scalp.

ARTAS Patient Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FUE method?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) refers to a specific method of harvesting hairs from the donor site. It involves uprooting hair follicles from the scalp through tiny incisions in order to give patients a natural-looking result.

What should I do afterwards?

After your treatment, your scalp will be more sensitive than usual. Your clinician will give you instructions on how to help the scalp heal and give you the best possible outcome. For example, you may need to rest and refrain from washing your hair.

How long does it take to see results?

It can take some time to see the results of your treatment. Generally, you will start to see new hair growth in the implant areas after a few months.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, once your hair follicles begin their cycle and produce hair growth, they will remain in their new location.

What are the risks?

Although this procedure has a high success rate, there are always risks involved. In rare cases, some patients may experience infection, scalp tightness, irritation, or lasting pain.

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