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It’s True! Your Hair Loss Can be Treated Successfully – Gold Coast & Brisbane

When you have hair loss problems, the best hair treatment for you may greatly differ than someone else’s hair treatment. There are three main reasons for hair loss issues, which are:

  • Genetics – you can get pattern baldness from either side of your family, your mother or your father.
  • Hormones – this problem may or may not be inherited, but it can generally be treated successfully.
  • Medical Conditions – there are a range of medical issues that can cause hair loss and most can be successfully treated.

Either men or women can have pattern baldness that results in thinning hair or hair that falls out. Male or female pattern baldness can start at any age and can last from 10 years to 40 years. The ratio of hair loss for men is roughly equal to their age. For instance, at age 30, a man may have lost approximately 30% of his hair.

Fortunately, pattern baldness can be treated and a healthy head of hair can be restored. Pattern baldness is usually treated with hair transplantation, the only permanent surgical solution. One of our specialists will discuss your options and the risks associated with your treatments and you can select the one you think is best suited for your problem. To get more information on a hair loss solution for your thinning hair, call our clinic 07 55269255 to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our specialists on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane.

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