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Birth Defect Scar Correction

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Tim is 15 year old male.

Tim came to Medici Capelli for his first consultation, accompanied by his mother. He was wearing a small hairpiece on the crown area of his scalp. Tim told me he has a large, raised and lumpy scar at the crown and had been burdened with it from birth. I could see that his problem had made Tim very self conscious, especially as he was still at school. This in itself can have serious social implications that Tim may have to deal with.

On inspection, the scar was about 60mm in diameter, white in patches with red valleys in deep, uneven directions. We had a long, indepth conversation with Tim and his mother. After checking for sufficient blood supply, it was decided that we would perform 600 grafts to begin with. Although he could do with about 2000 grafts for complete density, we decided to spread the 600 grafts across the area and then judge the success of the transplant growing in such raised, thick scar tissue.

Tim and his mother were told to give it some serious thought as he is very young and, although we felt it would be successful, they should take their time in considering the procedure.

After much thought, Tim’s mother phoned to book his procedure. On the day of the procedure, we went over the procedure again, ensuring Tim and his mother thoroughly understood the hair transplant procedure. So, Tim was underway, with his mother in the theatre beside him, just for reassurance, which was great for Tim. We all enjoyed their company for the day. Tim felt no discomfort whatsoever and, in his own way, enjoyed his day with us at the clinic.

It has now been 8 months since the procedure and we are extremely happy to announce that Tim has hair growing from the scar tissue. All in all, his procedure has been very successful. Tim may need more grafts in the future but at this stage he is doing very well and starting to achieve good coverage.

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