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Body Hair Transplant

Clinical studies have shown that body hair can be successfully harvested in large quantities while leaving minimal scaring. For those men who have a fair amount of body hair, be it back, chest, leg or pubic hair, this is a great advance, particularly if the donor area is depleted from previous transplants, rendering scalp hair no longer achievable.

This new technique uses a micro punch to retrieve single or double grafts from the body. An added bonus is no sutures required.

These hairs usually grow to a short length on the body, however, once they are transplanted to the scalp, they usually grow to the same length as scalp hair. Although these hairs are different in texture and diameter, no visible difference can be detected when transplanted among the normal hair.

Certain hairs are better suited to different areas of the scalp i.e. back hair being a finer texture is well suited to the hairline while chest and pubic hairs are better used for thickening in the mid section and crown.

Medici Capelli has already achieved excellent results using Body Hair Transplantation.

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