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Body Hair Transplantation

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Craig came to Medici Capelli with a seriously depleted donor area at the back and sides of his scalp.

  • His history was: 39 year old male suffering male pattern hair loss.
  • Previously undergone 5 scalp reductions
  • Previously undergone 3 hair transplant procedures in sessions of 200, 500 and 800 grafts.

In my consultation with Craig, I informed him that it would be unwise to continue harvesting more grafts from the already depleted donor area as it was now seriously thin and lacking any real density. Craig, as you can imagine, was a little sad in coming to terms with the fact that he could not complete the hair restoration which he had embarked on many years ago, to bring his hair thickness to a stage that would please him personally and put an end to being self conscious about his hair.

Craig and I then discussed a transplant using pubic hair, placed between the grafts he had received earlier. Although I knew the procedure was possible, I insisted that Craig give it some serious thought and time to think this through thoroughly. After 4 more consultations, which gave Craig more understanding of the procedure and the chance to answer the many questions he had, it was decided to go ahead and harvest about 200 grafts from his upper pubic area.

Craig found the procedure to be quite comfortable and pain free, much to his delight! As Craig said to me, an added advantage is less body hair to worry about and very little visible scarring.

Although this was a relatively small procedure in 200 grafts, each hair, of course, is thicker than a scalp hair and the slight curl gives greater density and fullness, as can be seen in the before and after photos. The hair began to grow at about 4 months and is now totally undetectable, even on close examination, appearing to mimic the scalp hair.

Craig now feels satisfied that the hair restoration he set out to achieve many years ago has been completed. Craig is now a very happy patient and has no regrets in undergoing this procedure.

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