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Don’t Hide Your Head, Find the Solution to Regrow Your Hair – Gold Coast & Brisbane

While there is no specific cure for baldness, there are many ways to help stimulate hair growth or to replace hair that has fallen out. Choosing the correct hair loss therapy depends on knowing why your hair is falling out or getting thinner in the first place. Seeing a hair loss specialist will help you find out what your hair problems are and how they can be resolved.

Like male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness is usually a trait inherited from either your mother or your father’s side of the family. Sometimes it can exist on both sides and be passed on to you. While there is no remedy for genetic hair loss, at this time, there are solutions to your thinning and balding hair. Some of these solutions require surgery and will help you grow your hair back permanently, while other solutions are a temporary, as needed fix.

Our clinic offers Kerathik as a temporary fix for your balding or thinning hair issues. This product is hair fibres that can be applied to mask the areas on your head where hair is thinning. The fibres bind to your natural hair to make your hair look thicker and fuller. Since the fibres have bonded with your hair, they can withstand strong winds and rain to still help cover your head.

You can opt for permanent solutions, such as synthetic implants or hair transplants to take the place of a bald spot or to help thicken thinning areas in your hair. To find the solution that works best for your hair loss, call the clinic 07 55269255 to set-up a consultation with one of our specialists on the Gold Coast, a short drive from Brisbane.

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