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FDA Approved Hair Loss Treatment for Women

While looking for safe and effective hair loss treatments, a lot of people will turn to government agencies that test and approve safe medicines for hair loss. The FDA is an agency in the United States that puts medications through testing to ensure that they are safe and for use and they also test hair loss treatment products. Each different country in the world has varying regulations for hair loss treatment, but as it stands right now, the FDA is the agency in the U.S. that is responsible for approving hair loss treatment medication.

One hair loss treatment medicine that the FDA has approved is Propecia, which has a technical name of finasteride. Propecia is a hair loss treatment that was approved for hair loss in men recently and women who are pregnant or those expecting to become pregnant should not touch the medication. Men who take Propecia take it in a tablet form and usually costs around fifty dollars or less a month in U.S. funds. There is another FDA approved drug, which has been on the market for several years and that drug is Minoxidil. Most men known Minoxidil by its shelf name of Rogaine, but it is also known as Regaine, Avacor and Mintop.

The FDA approved both Minoxidil for men and Minoxidil for women, though the womenís treatment was approved later on. These days, Minoxidil for either men or women can be purchased as a hair loss treatment over the counter or online.

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