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Medici Capelli Brisbane Carries Several Products that Can Help Restore Hair Growth

Regardless of whether it’s a man or woman, when hair starts to recede or fall out they can feel embarrassed or depressed. Many people automatically associate hair loss with aging, but that is usually not the cause at all. Some young people can experience hair loss and thinning hair at any time, even before they hit puberty. While all hair loss issues are not the same, most can be treated and hair can be regrown to its natural state.

We have several hair growth products that help stimulate new hair growth in areas where hair has begun to thin or even fall out. Some of these products work together with treatments to help stimulate hair growth or to help neutralise conditions that inhibit hair growth. Most of these products are topical treatments that can be used at home to help resolve your hair loss issue.

We offer products such as Minoxidil, to treat hair loss and regrow hair. This product works in about 76% of users, getting some to moderate regrowth of hair. About 8% of Minoxidil users may experience dense hair regrowth. This product can be used in conjunction with our Supplement Capsules to restore hair growth.

Our Doctor may also recommend Propecia, or Finasteride, to stop hair loss and regrow hair. This treatment works when experiencing DHT, which can cause gradual thinning of the hair. To find out which treatment or product will work for your hair loss, contact our clinic for an appointment in Brisbane. We are one of the best clinics for treating hair loss residents in Brisbane will find.

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