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Hair loss products are available at almost every department store or pharmacy, wherever you go. While some of these products can work for people with mildly thinning hair, many of them are ineffective and can cause those using them to give up treating their hair loss all together. However, products for hair loss can work if taken correctly after they’ve been prescribed by a hair loss specialist in Brisbane.

Having an examination at a hair loss clinic in Brisbane like our own will help determine why you’re having issues with thinning hair or hair that is falling out. There are some obvious medical conditions that will make you lose your hair, such as seborrheic dermatitis and pityriasis amiantacea, but there are other medical factors that can inhibit hair growth or cause you to lose hair.

Diet and outside factors can actually affect your hair growth and hair loss. Bad eating habits, which can cause many other medical conditions, can also affect your hair.

If you are not getting the nutrients you need to grow healthy hair, it can cause it to thin or fall out. You may also see how your bad eating habits can affect your skin, your sleep patterns and cause you to be fatigued. The hair specialists can recommend changes in your diet so you are getting the additional vitamins and minerals a healthy body, and a healthy head of hair, needs to flourish.

To schedule a consultation and an evaluation to determine your hair fall solution, call our Gold Coast Clinic 07 55269255 to make an appointment, which is only 45 minutes away from Brisbane.

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