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We Have Several Ways to Treat Your Hair Loss – Gold Coast & Brisbane

There are all manner of methods to treat hair loss in both men and women. Some of them are unreliable, especially if you are trying to self-diagnose your baldness problem and buy a product just because it claims to grow hair. However, with a diagnosis of the condition of your hair and scalp, you can get hair treatment products that will actually be of some use to you.

The first step in treating your hair loss is to make an appointment with a hair loss specialist for a consultation. They can examine your head and run some tests to see what problems you might have that are inhibiting your hair growth. They can then prescribe a hair growth product or recommend treatments to treat the condition you have.

Some treatments work in conjunction with each other to help treat your hair loss more effectively. Medici Capelli Gold Coast and Brisbane has a hair loss shampoo, made from ingredients that are not as harsh on hair follicles as traditional shampoos and works in conjunction with the Medici Capelli Supplement Capsules to add essential vitamins and minerals to hair that adds fullness and shine. Using these treatments can help stimulate hair growth in some people.

One of our clinicians will recommend the treatment they think will help you with hair regrowth. That could be topical hair treatments or they may suggest hair transplants to help with hair growth. Call today to set-up an appointment for a consultation and see how we can help you get back the full head of hair you’re dreaming about.

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