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Hair Loss Treatment Propecia

Propecia is a hair loss treatment that men may have or may not have heard of before. Propecia is a medication that is approved by the FDA to treat hair loss in men and it comes in a pill form. Propecia functions by preventing the shrinking of the hair follicles and this prevents further hair loss from occurring. Due to this, Propecia has a lot in common with other hair loss treatment products that are meant to stop the hair follicles in men from closing so no more hair loss happens. One of the big differences however between Propecia and other hair loss treatment medicines for men is that Propecia is only available by prescription.

It is common belief in the hair loss world that DHT in the body causes hair follicles to shrink and this is what prevents new hair from growing out of the follicles. By blocking DHT, Propecia allows the hair follicles to remain open so that hair can continue to grow. Propecia hair loss treatment is only approved for men and it is not approved as a hair loss treatment for women. The medication name for Propecia is finasteride and it is sold in 1mg tablet form. Propecia is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Merck and as noted, a doctor needs to give men a prescription for this hair loss treatment.

There have been several different results seen in men who use Propecia as a hair loss treatment. Some men have seen hair loss top and other have seen balding spots actually become less noticeable while using this treatment. There are several positive reviews floating around for Propecia from the men who have used this treatment. .

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