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Find the Best Hair Restoration Method for Your Hair Loss – Gold Coast & Brisbane

Hair restoration may be necessary for those who have a problem with hair loss without any underlying medical problem that is associated with losing hair.

There are several methods that can be used for a hair restore, some of which are temporary and others are permanent and lead to hair regrowth. To find out which method will work best for your balding issue, you need to seek a hair loss specialist for a consultation.

You can visit our hair loss clinic and sit down for a consultation with one of our clinicians to start the process of finding out what is causing your hair loss.

We will look at your hair and scalp to see if there may be a medical problem such as psoriasis or mineral deficiencies that could be affecting your hair growth. If the cause is genetic, topical treatments may not be affective and transplantation may be the best course of action to restore your hair.

If you don’t wish to subject yourself to a hair transplant, you can try a product such as Kerathik, thickening fibres that can be applied to areas where there is visibly thinning hair for immediate, thicker looking hair. The fibres intertwine with natural hair and can withstand high winds and rain to make your hair look more natural.

We can also offer you one of the best hair transplant techniques in Brisbane for restoring hair. The surgical procedure only takes a few hours and the recovery time is only about a day or two. The transplant works at the follicle level to restore your natural hair.

To see which of these methods is best for you, call our clinic and set-up a consultation with one of our specialists in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

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