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Hair Transplants At A Reputable Hair Loss Clinic

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Replenish Your Hair – Gold Coast & Brisbane.

Some people who are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair can be treated with medicated hair loss products to clear up the skin conditions that can cause hair loss. However, many others cannot be helped through medicated shampoos or other products. These people may only be able to regain their natural looking hair by having hair transplantation.

Even though hair transplants are a surgical procedure, they can be conducted in our hair loss clinic. Most of the procedures just take half a day, sometimes up to six hours, to complete before you can go about your day.

The recovery time is short, maybe a day or two, before you can get back to your usual routine. You may experience some minor sensitivity, redness or bruising in the areas where the surgery was done.

Hair transplants are done at the follicle level by taking hair from the back of your neck or the sides of your head.

Hair in these areas tends to grow thicker and longer for a lifetime than most of the hairs on your head.

Taking the follicles from those areas will help to ensure that any new hair growth will be longer, thicker strands of hair that can help cover or hide the areas of your head where you are bald or the hair is thinning.

To schedule a consultation, call our clinic today to schedule an appointment in our Gold Coast clinic, close by to Brisbane.

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