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If you’re considering hair loss treatment in Brisbane, Medici Capelli’s dedicated restoration specialists have the training, experience, and modern technology to give you the seamless, natural-looking result you expect and deserve.

As the only clinic that operates the ARTAS Hair Transplant Robot for hair loss treatment in Brisbane, Medici Capelli offers the state’s most minimally invasive and precise therapy.

Explore our before and after gallery to see the results for yourself, or make an enquiry to start your restoration journey.

Hair Transplant Surgery Guide

For hair loss treatment in Brisbane, our clinic offers services that are a step above the rest. While our service is less invasive and sees optimal results, we know our clients will have a few questions before committing. Let our resident doctors guide you through exactly what a hair loss treatment in Brisbane involves.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A Hair transplant is an aesthetic process that aims to reduce the appearance of hair loss and restore your overall look.

These procedures involve moving the patient’s hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another. The replacement cannot be donated by another person as the body’s immune system would reject them. 

Once in their new location, the follicles grow entirely normally, which often is stronger and healthier than surrounding existing strands and grows for a lifetime. Restoration is possible for both men and women, including eyebrows and eyelashes.

At Medici Capelli, we tailor each procedure to suit the patient’s level of need and preferred outcomes and have several benefits, including:

  • Fuller volume in areas with diminished growth
  • High rate of transplanted growth
  • Increased patient confidence and self-esteem
  • Quick procedure and recovery time
  • Lasting and natural-looking results

Hair Transplant Procedures – What to Expect

At Medici Capelli, we aim to ensure you receive the best hair loss treatment in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and enjoy a pleasant experience at our clinic from start to finish.

1. Consultation

The process starts with a consultation with Dr. Christopher Leat, our principal specialist. Dr. Leat will sit with you to review your situation, explain the whole process in detail, and answer any questions.

We will then give you some oral sedatives to help you relax and slow any anxiety you may be experiencing. We give local anaesthetics to the donor and recipient areas.

The multi-step process involves harvesting, preparing, and re-implanting the follicles.

2. Harvesting

We carefully harvest follicles from the back of the head via the FUE or FUT method. Either way, there is no discomfort during the procedure. This area is not usually visible later as the existing strands cover it well.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) involves extracting individual donor strands from the donor site (typically the back or sides of the head) and sorting them into naturally occurring groups before they are transplanted.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) uses a strip method where the follicles are removed from the donor site in a single strip of scalp, with follicular units separated into micro-grafts before the grafted hairs are transplanted.

Both extraction methods suit various situations, and Dr. Leat will discuss how to determine the best approach for reaching your desired result.

3. Preparation

Once harvested, preparation for re-implantation begins. Since each follicle unit may contain a different number of strands, we will organise them into single, double, and triple follicle categories.

4. Implanting

The grafts are then skilfully placed into the recipient areas. It’s achieved using specialised technology that has a high level of accuracy and efficiency. While this procedure is in progress, you can watch movies, read or nap.

5. Post-Operative Care

When the procedure is complete, we will give you post-operative instructions to maintain your newly restored weave and get the best long-term results. You can expect new growth about three months after your procedure, with continual growth afterwards.

A Message from Dr Leat, our FUT & FUE Hair Transplant Specialist

“While many men and some women lose their hair, most people I talk to feel that it happens at a stage that is too early in their life. They often lose confidence and feel older than if they had a full head of hair.

The simple fact is this is a proven, permanent method of restoration.

Recent medical advances and leading-edge techniques have made the transplants virtually undetectable, so you can forget the obsolete ‘plugs’ or ‘doll head’ look. It looks natural wet or dry, styled easily and the way you like it, and it is yours to enjoy for a lifetime.”

Why Medici Capeilli?

Hair loss naturally happens to everyone, but it’s not something you should be forced to live with, especially if it occurs earlier in life than you expected and impacts your confidence. At Medici Capelli, we understand the anxieties that drive our patients to seek out our treatments, and we strive to deliver a solution that’s accessible and highly effective.

Personal Consultations

Before your hair loss treatment in Brisbane, you will benefit from having a private discussion with us about your condition and goals for treatment. We will discuss your health, the progression of the loss, and how we can achieve the best results for your specific case while maintaining realistic expectations.

We must also consider your weave type, texture, thickness, and density, which can affect how we approach treatment. For example, thick, curly strands are often more effective in concealing bald spots or thinning areas, so you may require fewer grafts. One of our experts will advise the best treatment path based on your existing strands and level of balding.

At Medici Capelli, we endeavour to create a comfortable and welcoming patient environment. Your private consultation is free of charge, which means you can get quality, professional advice at no cost.

A Natural Look

The front hairline is the most essential part of a good transplant. It must be natural and completely undetectable to others. We attain the most successful natural look using a zig-zag pattern. In other words, we don’t use straight or round lines, but an irregular hair transplant pattern looks natural.

We place them close together using single follicle grafts at the very front to achieve these results, known as dense packing. Behind the immediate hairline, we place grafts containing one or two strands for added fullness and density. 

Further behind these, we create more density by placing grafts with two, three, or four follicles. The result is fuller density in the balding areas, helping patients to feel more comfortable in their appearance.

Industry-Leading Technology

Medici Capelli is the only clinic for hair loss treatment in Brisbane to carry and operate the ARTAS robotic restoration device. This advanced technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to precisely analyse and dissect the best grafts from your donor area thousands of times per session. 

The robot can then accurately identify where the grafts should be implanted to achieve a seamless, personalised result suited to you.

Guided by our experts, the ARTAS robot saves time and eliminates the chance of human error from fatigue or guesswork associated with manual follicle harvesting and grafting.

Learn more about the ARTAS hair transplant robot.

Ideal Candidates for Hair Transplants

Losing strands from your head can have many triggers, such as hormonal changes, age, genetics, and other factors like childbirth, fever, and surgical scars. The most common type is androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as male pattern baldness. This occurs when the follicles shrink, causing your strands to become finer and shorter. Common causes include:

  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Alopecia areata (where strands fall out in patches)
  • Telogen effluvium (temporary loss, often triggered by trauma or stress)
  • Other follicle abnormalities

Identifying the cause of your receding strands is essential to the treatment journey. Speaking to a professional will help clarify the reasons and determine if you are a good candidate for a hair loss treatment in Brisbane.

Good candidates are generally concerned about a noticeable volume loss, whether on the top of the head or in other areas. Ideal patients also have a decent region of hair-bearing skin from which to extract strand grafts.

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