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Hair Loss Treatment in Australia

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Your Hair Loss May be Caused by a Treatable Skin Condition

Some reasons for hair loss are more obvious than others. There are visible signs on the scalp where hair growth has been impeded and there are a variety of medical conditions that can cause these visible signs to appear. Some of these conditions are:

  • Dandruff – which produces white flaky skin on your scalp. The patches are actually dead skin cells that also cause itching.
  • Psoriasis – sometimes known as plaque psoriasis – this condition is caused when a person’s skin is interpreted as a pathogen by the immune system and new skin cells are produced.
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis – is an inflammatory skin condition affecting the scalp and results in flaky, itchy, red skin. The flaking is similar to dandruff and the problem can be aggravated by illness, lack of sleep, stress and seasonal changes.
  • Pityriasis amiantacea – results in hair loss as layers of thick scales attach themselves to hair shafts and bind to them. It can be mistaken for other scalp conditions and usually staphylococci bacteria is present.

The hair treatment for hair loss with these conditions is usually a combination of medications or medicated shampoos and ointments to clear up the skin condition. Sometimes antibiotics might be necessary to get rid of the harmful bacteria on the scalp.

If you have any of these conditions, our clinic can help you determine which hair loss treatment has the most success.

Contact our clinic for an appointment to have our specialists take a look at your scalp. We are on the Gold Coast and only a short drive from Brisbane.

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