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Robert was very unhappy with his hair loss, in fact he was downright miserable not knowing who to turn to or where to go for honest advice. It was affecting him socially, his self esteem was diminishing day by day, eventually getting to the point where he needed his security blanket permanently, i.e. he would not remove his beloved hat at all.

During his search for an answer to his hair loss, he had visited other hair replacement centres, some wanting to fit a wig onto his scalp, calling it “hair by hair, looking just like your own but, by the way, you need to come back every few weeks for aftercare and re-fitting” and, adding insult to injury, ……more money……more disillusionment. Finally someone suggested Robert should see a Trichologist, a specialist in hair and scalp problems. During his appointment with the Trichologist, Robert was told that hair micro-grafting was the only permanent answer for his hair loss. Medici Capelli was recommended for a consultation.

By the time Robert first came to Medici Capelli, he was completely sceptical. The unknown can be somewhat overwhelming at times and, with his self image at such a low ebb, Robert even had difficulty removing his hat for assessment. After many in-clinic consultations and questions over the phone, Robert came to the conclusion that hair micro-grafting was the only satisfactory method that would give him the results he was looking for. Now looking forward to correcting the problem that had plagued him for so long, Robert made the date for his procedure.

The best thing for the team at Medici Capelli was the day we received a phone call from Robert, about 3 months after his transplant. He excitedly announced:

“Guess what? I’m not wearing my hat any more!! I love it“

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