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Testimonial from Peter Compton

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Hi, my name is Peter Compton. As I was the proprietor of a very busy gymnasium on the Gold Coast I was very conscious of my personal appearance.

My story started many years ago when I had a full head of hair. I guess that makes me fairly qualified to write this hair loss story, so let’s begin.

As I washed my hair in the mornings, I saw all the hair in my hands and then later, in the basin from combing my hair. I wondered how long before I would go bald! I was only 25 years old, and the shower drain was starting to block.

My hair receded from the temples but my crown was still ok, so I started to comb my hair forward.

testimonial peter - Testimonial from Peter Compton - 1

My mates started to call me baldy! My dad and his brothers were bald – you know – the donut thing……the writing was on the wall for me.

I contacted a well known clinic in Sydney, and after a consultation and costing, I set about trying to somehow regain a head of hair.

To cut a long story short, I had many scalp reductions and then four separate sessions of plug grafting. To the best of my knowledge, those procedures are no longer carried out or, if so, very little.

The end result was as good as could be expected back then i.e. an un-natural hair line with the plug grafts showing a “tufting” appearance and a scar from the front of my head, right down the middle to the back of my head.

I could comb my hair and get somewhat of a hair style and make myself accept that at least for the time being that this is as good as it gets.

Many years later, now living and working on the Gold Coast, I had the good fortune to meet up with the Team from Medici Capelli. They consulted with me and again I decided after 20 years since my last procedures in regaining hair, I would have another shot at it. I must admit, they were very thorough and gave me the absolute truth about which treatment would be best for me and how to go about it. I am truly grateful for that.

We went for synthetic hair replacement. It was decided that we would try a small number of synthetic hairs as a test to see how the synthetics would react with my scalp. The colour was a perfect match, and of course , I had instant hair. After 3 months I then had more implanted at the top and back of my head which covered my scar with startling results. Can you imagine how I felt? In just a few short hours, all my scarring was no longer visible. I couldn’t believe it. My hairdresser could not believe it either! He had trouble coming to grips with the fact that it didn’t grow!!!

The results were so good, that Biofibre (the synthetic hair manufacturers), asked if I would appear as their model at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (I.S.H.R.S.) meeting in Chicago. Many thanks to Biofibre for a wonderful trip and great hair.

I then had about 800 new hair grafts transplanted in front of my existing hair line and in between existing hair from the original plug grafts. The procedure was virtually pain free. The donor site was uncomfortable, not painful, for about 2 weeks until the sutures were removed.

It took about 9 or 10 days for the scabs to fall off around my hairline, so I wore a cap for this time and still worked daily in my normal job at the gym.

Some three months later, I noticed fine hairs popping up, and I can tell you – I was fairly excited to see my own hair growing out of a scalp that hadn’t seen hair for many years. The new hair growth slowly began to cover the old plug grafts.

Since then, I have had another 500 grafts placed in amongst them. Although it is normal, the shock to the scalp can cause some grafted hair to shed temporarily. This was the case for me. The hair that was grafted into my hairline previously had thinned a little after my second procedure, but within a matter of weeks, it was all regrowing.

So now I am starting to see my new hair growth, slowly thickening – I can’t wait!!

The donor sites at the back of my head are very, very feint and healed perfectly. A bonus was they were able to remove many of the old, round plug holes, leaving far less scarring than before. Where the hairs were placed around my hairline shows no scarring because each hair is placed singularly and the holes made to insert them are only very tiny as you can imagine.

My hairline has always been naturally high, so it was not brought down lower but it looks ok on me and looks really natural.


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