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Hairline Recreation After Facelift/Necklift

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Uneven or distorted hairlines can sometimes occur after certain facial surgeries. However, there is good news for those people who have lost their hairline due to facial cosmetic procedures such as:

  • Face Lift
  • Brow Lift
  • Neck Lift

We can recreate hairlines and hide scars in a few short hours with proven and effective techniques. By using single follicle hair grafts, we can reverse the negative effects of your past surgery and restore the hairline to a more natural appearance. This method of hair transplanting is trusted, discreet, and a lasting solution.

Our skilful hair treatment staff are always available to provide advice on any hair type. We will specially tailor the treatment to your needs in order to restore a natural-looking hairline.

Below is an example of Medici Capelli’s Hairline Recreation:

Hairline Recreation Before and After 01, Medici Capelli, QLD

What Does Hairline Recreation Achieve?

Distortion of the hairline can become a problem for patients after facelift and necklift surgeries. Although many surgeons will take care to preserve the hairline during surgery, sometimes hairline deformities can occur. When the distortion is visible, this can cause a large amount of distress and impact a person’s confidence.

Commonly affected hairline areas tend to be around the sideburns, temples, and behind the ears, since these are the areas surgeons manipulate during face and neck procedures. Even though the area behind the ears is less visible, it can still cause a large amount of concern for patients, especially when wearing certain hairstyles. Hairline recreation addresses these issues with hair transplant techniques, whereby hair grafts are taken from your own scalp and re-implanted in the required areas. The procedure can:

  • Correct a distorted hairline near the temples
  • Lower raised sideburns
  • Improve hairline behind the ears
  • Restore patients’ confidence and self-image

Private Consultations

During a meeting with one of our hair loss specialists, we will discuss your condition, health, and treatment options. This will include discussion of your medical past and any medications you are taking. We will also speak about your past surgeries and how they have impacted your hairline. Once we have gathered this information, we will be able to begin planning your treatment.

Book your complimentary consultation to receive personal advice and guidance from our hair treatment experts.


Hair transplanting is a trusted and effective method of restoring hair density in certain areas of the scalp. It is used to treat a variety of hair loss conditions such as genetic hair loss, alopecia, or hair thinning due to age. As well as this, we can apply the same techniques to improve hairlines that have been altered due to surgery.

During the procedure, we harvest grafts from the patient’s own scalp and move them to areas where they are needed in order to fill the bald area. This multi-step process first involves carefully extracting hair follicles from an area of your scalp that has denser hair, often at the back or sides. We will discuss which extraction method is best for you at your initial private meeting.

The next step is implanting the follicles in the selected areas. Your technician will mark out the specific areas in which to insert the hairs and implant them one at a time. This will conceal the bald area and bring the hairline into alignment. The hairs will live permanently in this area, giving you more confidence in the outcome of your past facial surgery.

Aftercare and Risks

Our clinic uses the most advanced technology and methods in order to produce quality results for each patient. However, there are always risks for patients to be aware of. We will discuss these risks with you so that you can approach your hair grafting procedure well-informed and confident.

Afterwards, your scalp will be more sensitive than usual. You should take care to not irritate your scalp, as this will aid the hair follicles in taking root in their new location and help produce a great final result.

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