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Scalp Micropigmentation Brisbane & Gold Coast

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Scalp Micropigmentation 02, Medici Capelli Gold Coast & Brisbane

Medici Capelli are the trusted choice for patients in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We are pleased to have established a reputation for our effective and quality hair loss treatments, including our scalp micropigmentation.

Lucas from SMP Gold Coast is the expert in this field. He is a trained Hair Transplant Technician with over 10 years experience in hair restoration procedures. With this many years of surgical knowledge, his follicle replication is second to none.

Lucas is the only SMP artist in Australia to be sponsored by Ez Tattoo.

The Scalp Micropigmentation Process

SMP is performed over 3 to 4 sessions, 1 week apart. Usually around 3 hours per session depending on the size of the area. Each session is a layering process to give contrast between pigment shades.

A colour chart is made for each individual client ensuring a precise shade match for a natural, realistic result.

Scalp Micropigmentation as a Hair Loss Solution

Men and women who are confronted with androgenetic alopecia can use the scalp micropigmentation technique as a solution to their hair loss. This hair tattooing treatment is quick with minimal discomfort and the results are seen immediately. In our hair clinic, a minimal amount of time is required in the chair for scalp micropigmentation.

This specialised technique can also be used to disguise scarring alopecia or for scar revision post FUT or FUE surgery.

Want to find out more about Scalp Tattoo? Email or contact us at our clinic for details.

Medici Capelli patient during scalp micropigmentation 03

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see results after the first session?

Yes. You will see minimal results after the first session.

How long will my scalp micropigmentation results last?

SMP should last many years with a small top-up sometimes required after 1 or 2 years.

Does scalp micropigmentation require time off work?

The only down time is getting the procedure itself. Any redness will subside over the next few hours and you can wear a hat to go back to work.

If I have grey hair, can I still receive this treatment?

Yes, all SMP treatments are essentially a shade of grey, replicating follicles under the skin.

Is it possible for this procedure to cause hair loss?

Absolutely no. In fact, SMP can sometimes be a stimulant for dormant follicles.

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