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What Do Eyebrows Tell Us About a Person? 

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As the saying goes, your eyes are the windows to your soul, so that does make the eyebrows the overarching frame to a person’s face. Every face tells a story, and for some that tale is not complete because the eyebrows may be sparse, uneven, badly plucked and/or scarred.

Fortunately, with the right eyebrow transplant, Brisbane and Gold Coast residents have the opportunity to face the future with confidence. The first step is to consider what shape of brow suits an individual’s face and their personality.


Face reading

In the same way that feng shui covers the arrangement of space and objects to provide a positive flow of energy, there are some who feel that eyebrows reflect certain facets of our personality.

Curved brows are said to denote someone who is very creative, whereas angled brows show an individual who is fairly private and sensitive.

Thin brows are said to be a sign of a gentle personality, and the higher the brow the more of a dreamer.

Broad and dense eyebrows are said to belong to people who get the most out of life, and who have plenty of stamina and friends.


Healthy brows

If someone starts to lose eyebrow hair and they are not shaving or plucking their brows, this could be down to an underactive thyroid. Thyroxine is produced by the thyroid gland and is crucial for hair follicles.

Over plucking eyebrows can mean that an individual may run the risk of permanent hair loss, as well as lose their natural eyebrow shape. Chemotherapy treatments also contribute to hair loss, and regrowth may not be the same as it was prior to the treatment.

This is where eyebrow transplant surgery, which is available in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, could be the answer to healthy and attractive brows.


What is eyebrow transplant surgery?

Throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane area, a number of women are turning to eyebrow transplant procedures after years of over plucking or shaving their brows. The process itself is straightforward but must be undertaken by a qualified practitioner.

A consultation visit takes place to discuss the preferred shape of the eyebrow and whether it is to be a full graft or partial one, such as to cover a scar, for example.

Donor hairs are then taken from the patient, and this is typically from the back of the head, but this is ultimately decided in consultation with the doctor carrying out the procedure. Grafts are then prepared using the donor hair, and depending on the density of eyebrow required, fine or thicker hair is used.

The eyebrow transplant specialist has to determine the direction and angle of growth of the new hair before placing the grafts into the new site above the eye.

The whole process can take around 4 hours or so, and the patient will be left with bruising and swelling.

Transplanted hairs fall out after a few weeks but new hairs start to grow and eyebrows become denser. These can then be shaped and trimmed to suit the individual’s needs.

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